Big Brother Lives in Alberta Education!

We all know how the new math AB Ed introduced has screwed up kids’ understanding and application of any kind of credible math skills and how slick technology has replaced critical thinking, books, and The Word.

But while Albertans have been ‘sleeping’, the PCs have had their way with the curriculum and have moved their own agenda ahead to recruit more brainwashed kids into the world of business by making them into little entrepreneurs as early as the elementary grades. Imagine. The main thing in life is to run or work for a business. It’s all about making money and voting PC since this agenda only serves the PCs, not kids or parents necessarily.

No longer is education in AB about having a broad-based education which includes the arts and the development of critical thinking skills in a broader sense. So much for English, poetry, creative writing, critical thinking, social studies, the arts, and the cultivation of any kind of civilized sensibility. There is only 1 agenda this serves and it is the PC agenda, no one else’s. Personally, I think there is much more to kids than turning them into biz-minded automatons voting PC for life.


further: Not everyone wants to run a virtual lemon-aid stand biz (AB high school)– 5 credits for Entrepreneurship-Lemonade!?!

Entrepreneurial Adventure, Social Entrepreneurship (AB grade 5), the Entrepreneurial Spirit (AB gr. 3) posing as the Be-all and End-all solutions in education today.

Simplistic, narrow, and very politically-agenda-ed.

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