Life after Long Death-in-Life

The long horrible nightmare is over. The AB PC government which ran our province head-long into the ground for 20 years,which should have been kicked out 20 years ago, has finally imploded after decades of fear-mongering, unconscionable bullying, and insulting intimidation. Poof! Leaving nothing but a ghoulish miasma where all the many skeletons are buried, skeletons which will eventually be uncovered and exposed. How corrupt were the PCs really? We will all soon find out.

With the predictable cowardly flights of Klein, Hancock, Redford, and Prentice, there will be no more drunk bullying clowns, feckless do-nothing dopes, “entitled” arrogant queens, or conceited wanna-be tyrants running the show. The entitlements, cronyism, and war on ordinary and innocent Albertans are now officially ended. We will never again see such flagrant, self-serving troughism and Absolute Corruption in this province. We can all take a deep collective breath, re-begin dreaming, and move forward, rebuilding from the ashes of ground zero. Things will never be as bad as they once were for the past 20 years.

This is the happiest I’ve been, politically-speaking, for two decades. Yes, the fat, suited vampire-bullies have finally and justly been staked straight thru their cold, grinchy ‘hearts’ by real ordinary people everywhere in this province. And we need fear no more, no longer. There is new life stirring and rejoicing under the ribs of death. daylight ahead.

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