McDavidville at its Spring Best

The tulips were first, of course–various colours against the whites, greys, and browns.
Next came the first hardy dandies (dandelions–reminding me of the vacant lot across the street of my childhood home. The first time I saw that host of yellow, I picked a bunch to take home to my gardening mother who wasn’t as pleased as I had expected. I never did such again.)

This week, though, there are fields of dandies, adding colour to the drive or commute.
But beyond this, that first fresh light green of buds on bushes and trees signalling the true foothold of spring in Edmo. I always love the freshness of those buds and the surrounding air, as well as the beautiful contrast in greens right now–the new growth green against the dark green background of evergreens.

All that and the first butterfly in addition to the fragrant smell of May trees which began this past week. And best of all, of course–no mosquitoes!

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