Dream Vision

And suddenly in the meeting room in some very high hotel, there he was suddenly, standing only about five yards away, bathed in bright sunlight from the wide window, his hair immaculate, wearing a dignified thin-lapelled ’60s suit, looking very self-possessed, but maybe a bit unsure of the passing moment in a crowded room. He looked my way with those remarkable eyes. (People often recall that unforgettable handsome face, but it was, of course his eyes, when they looked at you, or focused on you that were the windows of his deep soul.) Trailing clouds of glory for those precious few seconds, he saw just another strange face in the crowd. The eyes of Camelot–a terrible unknown destiny awaiting him, still to happen. Jack. J.F.K.–John Fitzgerald Kennedy. More like a god than a mortal man in that truly unexpected moment and vision.

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