Re. Education in AB

I will just say this. K-12 education used to be wisely broad-based, relatively unagenda-ed . Kids learned and knew a lot about the world and human nature by the end of grade 12. They were not shallow, dumb, simply ‘nice’, limited characters out of Huxley’s Brave New World.

When one went to university then, one was exposed to further learning in various specializations. But then, there was a strong emphasis on universities as places of higher learning where one learned, as my old prof-friend David Wangler used to say, about becoming seekers of truth and wisdom. Nowadays, of course, universities are more obviously job factories and have no special status apart from the NAITs and SAITs which have always functioned as more limited job training centres (with the according of university status to those two previously-mentioned institutions).

And as the PCs have dictated in their highly personal/political agenda-ed 2013 curriculum framework, entrepreneurship and technology (which kids are conditioned slaves to) are simply/mostly what K-12 is now about. Incredibly narrow, self-serving stuff–Big Damage to Education in the wake of the big bad PCs finally being ousted. Major, major irony. There is much, much more to real education than the bill of goods the PCs sold, have foisted on, and will continue to foist on innocent, unsuspecting kids–a grave long, ruinous, mindless shadow.

There is so much more to education than manipulating elementary kids to become entrepreneurs and letting kids go their own ways online, playing and fumbling toward a deluded/delusory brave new e-world which is truly nothing more than a lazy, bogus bill of goods and a terribly limited shell of learning.

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