Dial-a-Meditation: A ‘Basics’ Index (part 1)

From the first two months of the blog. Getting one’s bearings. Very basic frameworks, perspectives, and recurring themes.

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Individual Process, Briefly— Aug. (24) 2012

On the Necessity of Being an Individual–Aug (24) 2012

Conferring the Meanings of One’s Own Life–Aug (24) 2012

Consciousness–Aug (26) 2012

Connected Consciousness–Aug (29) 2012

Connected and ‘Removed’ Aug (30) 2012

Presence and Non-presence–Aug (30) 2012

Process, Context, and Choice–Sept (2) 2012

Life Possibilities–Sept (6) 2012

Moments of Being–Sept (10) 2012

Life as a Play: Of Performances and Roles–Sept (16) 2012

Of ‘Missing Pieces’–Sept (16) 2012

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