A Veritable Canadian Icon

006 (11)007 (6)

2006 dust jacketed, flatsigned and United-Order-of-the-Heart-stamped book; Cohen signing above book and a friend stamping to his right

003 (17)

Another great show available from Columbia-SONY, 2014

Leonard Cohen’s 3 CD-1 DVD of his entire Live in Dublin concert from 2013. 30 songs on both CD & DVD. Easily Canada’s greatest male poet, one of our top 3 poets ever, one of our top 3 songwriters. A veritable legend who strangely, but successfully and humorously, blended poetry and music. A down-to-earth guy always with a knowledge of his own and people’s limitations. Some of the best love poems and songs ever written. Highly recommended and very Real.

Personal favorites this time around: Everybody Knows, Who by Fire, Suzanne, Chelsea Hotel #2, *In My Secret Life, Recitation (Thousand Kisses Deep), So Long, Marianne, If It Be Your Will

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