Permanence in Edmonton: Some Things to Be Counted On

Instances of permanence these days in the Big E:

Major roads will be torn up everywhere for months at a time. There will be long traffic snarls in rush-hour including the freeways. One accident will basically shut down an entire road. When motorists turn to alternate roads, they find that these will be closed down too, so there are no fast ways to get around Katzville. The best times to get around the city remain Sunday mornings, after 10 pm evenings, or weekday mornings from 9:30-10. (Despite the road replacements, there remain millions of potholes and bumps everywhere that are still felt in new cars.)

The newfangled street lighting the city is putting in is actually street dimming, which does not light up sidewalks, driveways, yards or empty non-street light areas which once received residual light from the original street lamps. This new permanence make it safer for criminal activity and less safe for homeowners and pedestrians.

The signs on Edmonton streets mean nothing since they’re put up weeks before any activity or are left up for weeks after construction.

If there is a merge and you are the merger, you will taking your life in your hands if you try to merge.

Idiots will continue to speed through 30 or 40 km areas because they’re illiterate or don’t feel the signs are for them personally. Children continue to be at risk in their own neighborhoods.

The city will continue to cater to the less than 1% regular, all-year cyclists by removing parking and roads to create bike lanes even when no one uses them. (There are bike lanes in Mill Woods, for instance, on which I’ve never seen anyone in several years of bike lanes here cycling, including summer.)

The LRT will continue to be plagued with problems and decent, needful citizens will continue to stop using it. The escalators will never be fixed and the crime rate on or near the LRT will continue to grow.

Despite all the new building downtown, the evenings and nights there will continue to attract and be home to transients, criminals, and bums. The public library and Churchill Square will continue to be magnets for riff-raff.

Druggies will continue to find places like Old Scona and Boyle Street to shoot up. There are playgrounds, parks, and rinks in the city with needles on the ground. Walking or playing in the grass in the dark should be avoided.

Don Iveson and his clown council will continue to make dumb decisions and screw up repeatedly. The Uber, bridge construction, and LRT flaps are reason enough already not to vote for any of these losers again. They are lousy business managers and financial planners. They lack true empathy and fair judgement.

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