(beautiful gardenia tree flower which my daughter, amazingly, raised in Edmonton; when you smell it, you have smelled the best flower smell of all–such sublime fragrance: truly soul-stirring)

“You had an interesting life. What did you do that changed or influenced others?”
“Well, there were the over 1,000,000 senior high school texts sold that helped teachers to teach senior high English curricula across Canada. I met and presented to thousands of teachers at conferences across Canada and personally taught some 3-5 thousand students about life and values through literature, and about how to become better writers, speakers, and viewers to the same no. of young Albertans.
Too, I played music and entertained thousands of people through my various bands over a 35 year-period.
I also enjoyed meeting many famous people, people I admired, and people who became close friends such as Stu, Jerry, Gerry, Glen, Glenn, and Dean.
I was grateful, too, for the many unique opportunities I had to live life on my own terms and to have unique experiences which brought me close to many interesting people, albeit briefly in many cases.”
“So which of these come closest to being your legacy as in that which you are most proud of, which you are most grateful for?”
“My parents, my mother in particular. My wife. You couldn’t ask for a better friend, wife, or mother. My two grown-up kids–who have succeeded and made their own unique lives and career paths. You couldn’t ask for nicer, brighter, funnier, positive, autonomous children. Finally, my two grandkids, already interesting, curious people following their bliss.That’s it. That’s my ‘legacy’. Nothing else.”

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