On Contemporary Education Mostly via Technology

A mass delusion which greatly disservices life and learning possibilities for kids. Platform obsession at the expense of significant process, true critical thinking, and significant, basic subject matter, foundationing, and perspectiveing kids beyond mere techno job training. Most educational professionals leading the pied e-pipers’ parade into e-media’s neverending financial black hole of the latest e-gizmos have abandoned kids’ myriad potential non-technological needs and possibilities.

For more about the transitional stage leading to the current state of affairs in education relative to technological distraction, read the landmark classic Endangered Minds by Jane M. Healy (1990), which foretold how children were initially changed relative to their brains and thinking.

The other classic about how reading, books, and thinking would change and how kids would become more ‘shallow’, read the prescient  The Gutenberg Elegies: The Fate of Reading in an Electronic Age by Sven Birkerts (1994), to discover all that would go missing in the transition from print to digital eras. Read and bemoan the losses.

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