Life’s Absurditities and Paradoxes…


(“Laughing Men” sculptures, Vancouver)


(getting in the way of another photographer by Seasons restaurant, Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver)


(‘reverse’ picture-window selfie on balcony at Bighorn Resort, Radium Hot Springs)

003 (20)

(1967–my gr. 12 class, obliviously on left talking music with a musical friend I’m still in touch with, while ‘brute neighbors’ plays with a class chick in our class)

001 (11)

(a meta-design by South African’s Norman Catherine featured on a Johnny Clegg shirt)


(fall backyard pic inspired by Andrew Wyeth’s “Trodden Weed”)


(personal installation re. time and death featuring famous picture “All is vanity”)


(at home anywhere; here with “Lunch Break” sculpture on park in Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton)

…ensured the development of my acute, perpetual sense of irony about myself, others, and life process. My attitude, sensibility, ‘style’, and choices all evolved from this lifelong process. I would not change a thing for (knowing) who I am and what I’ve learned along the way.

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