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Still enjoyable–those upsurge moments and bursts of inexplicably-sourced energy in one-on-one conversation or epiphanic consciousness. The absolute best of Greek menos.

Much as in the dancing shiva, one foot of the dwarf of ego in order for an individual to break free of ego limitations holding one back in many ways. The upturned hand–an acceptance through reflection and contemplation connecting one more with the spiritual world.

Having to deal with ample external irrationality as revealed through daily and historical events. Goodness knows we each of us already have to deal with our own inner irrationalities necessarily expressing them periodically, constructively.

Of mysteries, there are multitudes. Reason cannot hope to explain many/most.

Nature is best simply experienced as is without rational/izing overlays, reason’s explanations or mental structuring. Especially if one wants to experience Blake’s Eternity in a flower.

Ultimately, we have to live on many levels, in many worlds to get the most out of life experience. Life is not just one level (e.g., physical/flesh or mental/rational) or our personal interpretation of it. Eliot and Prufrock’s desire to reduce the universe into a ball is naïve, simplistic, limited/limiting, and terribly unrich, uncomplex, and unrealistic.

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