Ghosts of Xmas Past–Greetings from Dean and Spiritus!


A found picture and an unsent note from Dean McKenzie, The Legend, dated 1992.

Spiritus (a unique Edmonton performance poetry trio of senior high English teachers): Dean on right, Glen Kirkland in the middle, and me on the left).

Note: “Hail Spiritus! Its genesis takes on even more mythic qualities as our hejira toward truth and beauty continues.” Spiritus had a fabulous, wonderful run over two decades. And I have no doubt that Glen’s and Dean’s hejiras toward truth and beauty continue elsewhere as much as mine does here, likewise.

Very special thanks to Elana Hope Aaserud for finding and sharing this special moment of being–Dean’s gift of self beyond time. Trust Dean-o to speak to her, me, and us from another, transcendent, spiritual dimension. Remarkably, Daddio is still happy, intact and with us this Christmas–giving of himself as always.

(1st posted in Dec. 2013)

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