The Great Bob/by Darin (1936-1973):

“I’ll be a long time sleepin’ when I’m gone.”

Typical of how my life goes these daze: I’m in the vanĀ listening to an old CD of Bob (when he was influenced by Dylan) Darin (one which nobody in the world would be listening to today or even familiar with), thinking how true the above line is. Get home, write it on the blog, decide to look up Darin online, says he died today/Dec. 20, 42 years ago. I guess he influenced me back then, too. I wanted to change my name to something ‘cooler’ when I was 15, like “Darrin”. I was 18 when my folk trio (bass and electric guitar) played his hip social protest songĀ “Long Line Rider” at the Winnipeg YMHA.

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