Learning from the Dead

Each passing and close friend’s or family member’s  life-story helps give purpose and direction for the living/survivors.

Nothing new for me, but a confirmation, no less, that what life is or should be mainly about is Fun, Play, Pleasure, and the expressiveness of one’s own Inner Child.

Ron (see 2 entries earlier) enjoyed life and focused on having fun, even in his job. He loved to play and music was his chief pleasure–the medium and context in which he mostly lived freely and happily. His passion for the 60s UK groups and anything to do with him fueled his collection, leisure time, and travels. This was his great Inner Child realization of his spirit. In his fun activities with his last family, eating a big container of butter popcorn with his kids and grandkids at the movies would be a perfect example of how his Inner Childness was expressed into his later years.

No, you can’t go wrong anytime in your life with Fun, Play, Pleasure, and the expression of one’s Innermost Child, even in a relatively brief, but rich, full life like Ron’s (60)

“MORAL”: The above is one of the great Truths of Life which often escapes the materialistic, money-obsessed, work-obsessed minds, and terribly serious-minded people who take themselves and others way too seriously. They are as boring as most accountants and bean-counters alike everywhere. And, no, Life is not just about owning the latest iPhone, SUV, biggest house, latest e-gadgets, going on cruises, travelling out of the country, and being terrified to spend money on yourself or others. (e.g., “Does this cost anything?” “Oh, that’s too much!”–2 of the deadliest phrases in the English language)

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