Education’s Best Days and Maximal Learning Are Long Gone, Folks

What is left is a shell of surfaces with virtually no meaningful subject matter, ideas, critical thinking, or significant learning that increases or maximizes the possibilities and dimensions of a student’s life. The remaining political correct application and delivery system is devoid of any common sense and is a totally irrational deconstruction of anything that once had value in positive, constructive educational systems. In short, education has lost its way big-time and is a mere slave to political correctness and technology, ignorantly assuming that these two are the supreme prime goals of education. These two incredibly narrow agendas have crippled and decimated any remaining common sense, and any potential significant purpose for any students who would have been, otherwise, potential seekers of truth and wisdom in the old Robert Hutchins sense. Education is just a narrow base of propaganda now with a blind, ignorant allegiance to the phony authority of technology. So much for limitless possibilities, a vision of Truth and Beauty and a realization of personally and socially enriching, civilized perspectives and values.

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