Activating Possibilities

Basically, what life’s about–those transitory, ephemeral possibilities which an individual chooses or passes on. Very seldom does the same opportunity knock twice. The riskiest and most alive feelings and experiences are those which occur when one accepts and makes the positive choice rather than hemming and hawing, second-guessing oneself, or just plain being lazy or cowardly. (And, thus, life sweeps by and often with it the best that might be or could have been.)

As quoted earlier in this blog, there is nothing quite so real as the things that one has actually done and the pleasurable self-actualizing choices one has made. In the end, we are most responsible for the scripts of our lives and our own personal happiness. True, attitude plays a big role, but so does the readiness for making things happen, and for choosing possibilities that bring pleasure or which may enhance one`s quality of inner life.

There will always be regrets and missed opportunities along the road anyway, but life process boils down to the choices and actions we did choose which made our lives what they are and have been.


“What a man essentially is is revealed by the record of what he has done, and by what he is trying to make of himself at any given moment.”–Northrop Frye, “Myth I”
(reprint of April 7/2014 entry)

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