Blog Trigger Warning

The model for this blog, as previously mentioned, was Michel de Montaigne (1433-1592), author of  Essays. I think what he says by way of intro to and purpose for his great work would also suffice for this blog:

You have here, Reader, a book whose faith can be trusted, a book which warns you from the start that I have set myself no other end but a private family one. I have not been concerned to serve you nor my reputation: my powers are inadequate for such a design. I have dedicated this book to the private benefit of my friends and kinsmen so that, having lost me…they can find here again some traits of my character and of my humours. They will thus keep knowledge of me more full, more alive….
And, therefore, reader, I myself am the subject of my book: it is not reasonable that you should employ your leisure on a topic so frivolous and so vain.
(written in 1580, trans. M.A. Screech, Penguin)

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