“How Do I Look?”

Was watching the Monuments program on the Frame channel in which young women primped themselves and posed provocatively (a la women’s mag front covers) in front of a bronze lion statue (some kind of symbolism there).

Reminded me of how our age is more concerned about exteriors and surfaces these daze, the so-called optics, rather than interiors and what’s within. Given the current mass dumbing-down, this all makes sense. The public is more into image rather than anything thoughtful or anything to do with values and character.

To wit, Justin, his selfies, his haircut, and photo-op in Vanity Fair. There isn’t much interest in substance, subject matter, and idea, only ‘sexy’ stories heavy on imagery. Our superficial, hollow times built mostly on advertising and agendas. “Me first”. “My agenda’s better, more right, and more important than yours.” “”Like my image, like me, my agenda.”

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