Possibilities, Connection, Discovery, Pattern, and Structure

The latter two concepts which are learned very early.
Pattern–I can recall my oneish-year-old grandson playing in the living room near the window with a view to the opposite side of the back window. In both, he saw trees moving in the wind. He stopped his play, alternately looking toward one, then turning his head, glancing toward the other. He momentarily realized and connected there were two windows and similar trees blowing in each one.
Structure–a tot playing with 10 colored cups, putting them together one way, then another, taking them apart, putting them together in different combinations.
Again, like the first example, delight and pleasure in play, making connections, discovering/becoming aware of structure–how things are and can be organized. Possibilities.
A third example–same grandson, a little older. Discovering wall light switches in everywhere. Magically turning each on and off. possibilities, connection, discovery, pattern, structure, and the possibilities of choice for action, play, pleasure, engagement, and some vague inkling of the meaning in all of this at some subconscious/unconscious level perhaps.

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