None of us is innocent, as Arthur Miller said.

All of us are culpable and morally involved, no matter how innocent we proclaim ourselves. Which is why our choices are important. There is great responsibility in choices. If slave or child labor is three links back in the chain of cellphones or clothing, we are all potentially implicated, morally involved, and guilty in the West. Still.

And I doubt that you’ll ever see a law in North America forbidding export of goods from child or slave labor sources like the U.K.’s recent humanitarian law. “All that exploitation stuff’s got nuthin’ to do with me.” The Machine/s roll on, smoother and shinier than ever, worse than the sixties when that term was first coined.

So shut up and stand back for impending ubiquitous flying drones, automatic cars, robot maids, and Asian sex dolls. Too many say,”It’s a no-brainer, baby. If it can be technologically possible or done, it must automatically be right or good for everyone, for godsake.”

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