Two Themes of Today

1. Communication and its lack thereof. How little there often really is out there. How it’s increasingly confuted by Canada’s spiralling Tower of Babel (with 300,000 more potentially Trudeau-voting non-English speakers on the way). E.g., Yesterday a completely different order was recited back to me on a fast-food intercom. Not one word of it had anything to do with what I had said/actually ordered. Also, the total and frequent misunderstandings in communication in the workplace, at home, and between the sexes. Worse than ever. No wonder people are increasingly alienated from others and lack empathy let alone sympathy.

2. Power and control. Seen everywhere whether in workplace, in business, in public, or at home family; also including telephone solicitations. All about controlling or manipulating others as individuals try to hang on to whatever personal freedoms they can cobble together. Avoiding the control of bosses, family members, advertising, etc. Parents micromanaging children. People trying to control themselves and not let others control them. An obsession and mania today.

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