The Best T.O. Newspaper Quotes of the Week

come from the excellent National Post.

“Somewhere resistance must arise against the politically correct executioners in this country before they are able to reduce us all to a Dante’s Inferno of frenzied cultural and moral oppression.”–Conrad Black

(commenting on Trudeau’s offerings of “feminist feel-goodery’): “These are all fine gestures, but they’re emblematic of a type of ‘easy feminism’ that looks good on a partisan checklist, but doesn’t actually do a whole lot to improve the lives of women.”–Robyn Urback

Earlier this week, the ever astute and perspicacious Rex Murphy wrote a bang-on column about the shallowness of the Trudeau ‘event’ in Washington, on March 11 called “Feting Justin” (great title). Best quote: “Finally, summits are great PR, and cover shoots are great boosters to vanity and self-esteem, both national and personal. They are tone and ceremony. All the real work takes place in the valleys.”

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