Woman on the Canadian $ Bill

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(a suggestion for Justin)

What’s wrong with the Queen? Isn’t she big enough, influential enough? Isn’t she a woman? Why doesn’t she count?

Lucy Maude Montgomery? Internationally famous and has brought in a ton of dough to P.E.I. though she’s mainly a children’s book author.
Kim Campbell? A political joke who lost power as soon as she got it. Won by default in a leadership race. Left the PCs decimated in the following election.
What about an internationally recognized writer? Atwood? Munro? Laurence? Roy (published in both official languages)? Carr (writer and painter)?

I’m not so sure that the second woman (I think Elizabeth’s a woman) should necessarily be a politician or just a political agendaist for women’s rights. With Justin’s ongoing p.c. agenda-izing, it could very well turn out to be an Aboriginal woman. Pauline Johnson would be a possibility, though myself  I’d much prefer the multi-talented activist Buffy Sainte-Marie who is a major role model. Now that would be truly progressive and well-deserved.

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