Morning devotion

There’s a lot
to be said
for clarity

especially at
2. 3 &
4 a.m.

In order to in-
crease perspective
u need

many people asleep
Mental dis-

& openness to
don’t hurt either

So what can
u see or
figure out?

The future
past & present
for starters

u must be
ready to learn

to love silence
& whatever u ken
invent in the air

not blowing your
infrequent chance
to be

on paper
& so u wait

wait for the
first words
to come on paper

each one of
simple & true


Written around 4 a.m., when I was very ill with asthma (which I later ’outgrew’) back in the early ’80s. The poem wrote itself, as the best work usually does.

(previously published here Jan. 11, 2015)

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