Perfect Activity for a 4-Year-Old on a Saturday Afternoon:

Flying a kite with him and his Dad. The kite had not been out for about 35 years, the last time my son flew it. A beautiful Hawaiian kite with Mauna Loa and the sun on the head part with about 10 different color bars on the long trailing tail. We all took turns handling the spool and running with the kite to get it up. Nice windy day as it turned out. Afterward, I bestowed the gift originally from my Dad to the two of them. There is a second grandson who’ll eventually enjoy it, too.

Funny lines after supper at my son’s–grandson suddenly says straightforwardly to me and my wife, “Go home now.” His mother corrects him saying “That’s not very polite.” So he says “Go home now please.” Quite funny. He was probably thinking he didn’t have much playtime left; they put him to bed early so he always has to make hay to get in his last playing after sup. A variation of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” from a babe’s mouth. The things young ‘uns say which adults might like to, but can’t because of social politeness.

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