There’s a Lot of Attitude Out There These Days

Across from me in the waiting room this morning, a young woman with chartreuse hair and tattoos on her arm wearing a t-shirt that proclaimed “I HATE EVERYONE” in caps. I almost got up and went over to say “But I love you.”

I can’t get no respect, as Rodney Dangerfield used to say ad nauseam. This morning, a blueberry jumped out of the strainer in a bid to escape certain cereal death, yelling “Get away from me, you bastard. I want to live!”

Just now, I opened the door under the bathroom sink to throw an empty roll into the garbage. It bounced out, yelling the same thing as the blueberry before the door slammed closed. Escapees and rebels everywhere. Bad attitudes everywhere you look.

ps/ Hey, I’m not taking any of this personally, ya understand.

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