Starting Your Day with Whatever Limits and Limitations There Might Be

Perhaps you had to get up early to drive someone, let out the dog, or takes your meds.
Maybe you had to get going to get to work, and did some dishes in passing.

And then there are the natural limits of your imagination, imaging and planning what your day might be like.

You also have to think that a lot of people are limited by their experience which limits how they view things and others, how far they will travel, what their context for the day will be. There is simply a lot that people have not and will not experience–perhaps such things as going abroad or owning a car, or having a different face or body.

Love, belonging (an important Maslow feature) and relationships also come into the picture–whether you are living alone by default or by choice, whether you have been fortunate to have someone living in you or complimenting your life, values, and preferences.

The more you look at the day, the more you realize there are things that need doing, There are important things to be done, and there will be choices to be made with whatever free time or leisure. The more you think about your day, the more you realize how many limits there are, how many you impose on yourself, or let others impose on you. Sometimes you don’t have a choice that way as in the case of babies, children living at home, or aging parents who need your services.

Yes, many limits, imposed by self and others. In spite of this, many choices to be made. And above all, the ways in which a life is circumscribed by contexts. Leading to the importance of choosing a context right for you, one that works, one that satisfies and makes each day seem worthwhile.

Often I think to myself: “What got done today that really needed doing? What things did I do in my downtime? And how did I move forward, progress in the daily flow and process of daily living?” In that, perhaps, the most enjoyment, pleasure, and meaning of time well-spent, not wasted as one naturally has fewer of these days ahead. The biggest limit and limitation of all.

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