Reason and common sense don’t live in Canada anymore.

Any pc agendas and victimhood agendas matter. People with non-pc agendas and who don’t play victim cards simply don’t matter. The latter’s opinions and positions are worthless or bogus unlike shiny, flawless, unquestioned, and unquestionable pc and victimhood agendas and cards. *There’s a failure to be honest and accept personal responsibility here.*

One forgotten precedent has long been in provincial human rights branches automatically assuming the innocence of any complainant playing those two cards to the ridiculous extent of government backing them automatically and paying their court costs!

“Some animals are more equal than others” (don’t ya know? Get with the program!)–Orwell, Animal Farm


I sorely miss truly great folks like Martin Luther King who said that people should be judged on their character and not on the color of their skin (or gender) alone.

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