My Favorite Popular Music Performers Still Alive

These would be the most significant musicians, singers, and songwriters from my musical past going back to the 1950s, who are still alive and, in many cases, still performing

Jimmie Rodgers (singer) 1933-

Ian Tyson (singer, songwriter, Ian and Sylvia) 1933-

John Mayall (blues singer, pianist, guitarist, songwriter) 1933-

Willie Nelson (singer, songwriter) 1933-

Leonard Cohen (poet, singer, songwriter) 1934-

Bob Shane (singer, original Kingston Trio) 1934-

Herb Alpert (trumpeter, The Tijuana Brass) 1935-

Glen Campbell (singer, guitarist) 1936-

Don Everly (singer, remaining half of The Everly Brothers) 1937-

Gordon Lightfoot (singer, songwriter) 1938-

Sandy Nelson (drummer) 1938-

Judy Collins (singer, songwriter) 1939-

Sylvia Tyson (singer, songwriter, radio host) 1940-

Ringo Starr (singer, drummer, The Beatles) 1940-

Paul Simon (singer, songwriter, Simon & Garfunkle) 1941-

Buffy Sainte-Marie (singer, songwriter) 1941-

Bob Dylan (singer, songwriter) 1941-

Art Garfunkle (singer) 1941-

Eric Burdon (singer, The Animals) 1941-

Joan Baez (folksinger, activist) 1941-

Felix Cavalieri (singer, keyboards, The Rascals, Joey Dee) 1942-

Paul McCartney (singer, bassist, songwriter, Beatles) 1942-

Paul Jones (singer, Manfred Mann) 1942-

Johnny Rivers (singer) 1942-

Roger McGuinn (singer, guitarist, The Byrds) 1942-

Jim McCarty (drummer, songwriter, The Yardbirds) 1943-

Mick Jagger (singer, songwriter, Rolling Stones) 1943-

Chad Allan (original singer-songwriter Guess Who) 1943-

Joni Mitchell singer, songwriter) 1943-

Robert Lamm (singer, pianist, songwriter, Chicago) 1944-

Roger Daltrey (singer, The Who) 1944-

Ray Davies (singer, songwriter, The Kinks) 1944-

Pete Townshend (singer, guitarist, songwriter, The Who) 1945-

Rod Argent (keyboardist-songwriter, The Zombies) 1945-

Colin Blundstone (singer, The Zombies) 1945-

Eric Clapton (singer, guitarist, Cream) 1945-

Neil Young (singer, guitarist, songwriter) 1945-

Bruce Cockburn (singer, guitarist, songwriter) 1945-

Donovan (singer, songwriter) 1946-

Elton John (singer, pianist, songwriter) 1947-

Burton Cummings (singer, pianist, songwriter Guess Who) 1947-

James Taylor (singer, guitarist, songwriter) 1948-

Billy Joel (singer, pianist, songwriter) 1949-

Janis Ian (singer, songwriter) 1951-

Johnny Clegg (singer, guitarist, songwriter, activist) 1953-

Suzanne Vega (singer, songwriter) 1959-

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