“In dreams begin responsibility.” –W.B. Yeats



It is up to each of us to learn who we really are and to discover what our missing pieces are. Usually these pieces will pertain to relationships or to things we value and perhaps are not getting enough of, such as Nature, play, pleasure, the Arts, etc. And when we find these pieces, we will inevitably have to make choices relative to those pieces, values, and experiences–quite often to continue with them or to focus more on them.

I believe that there is a closeness, intimacy, and familiarity in this process that affects us deeply, often in feelings, mind, and spirit. I said yesterday that consciousness is one of the key 4 bedrock things about a person’s life. The more we know, the richer our lives. Knowing ourselves and accepting ourselves and others as they are is an important part of this process. Beyond acceptance, is continuing focus and choices relative to addressing our various inner needs. Finally, choices define us and how we deal with both contexts and processes.

(I have included a letter above from “Take Five” jazz great Dave Brubeck to a young aspiring musician which puts all of this in perspective. We have to be true to ourselves and only we can find the key or missing pieces we need to self-actualize and transcend.)

The dreams which we explore grow out of our responsibilities to ourselves, to our souls and sensibilities, to our Inner Childs. We have to learn to be responsible for our own lives (as well as others’–this grows out of the other). We more than anyone else, finally, are the final arbiters, agents, and authors of our own lives. We create and define ourselves, regardless of contexts and processes.

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