The World: As Absurd, Crazy and Mad as Ever

Well, everyone needs a holiday because of this context. Below, just some of the things going on via media check-ins the past two weeks.

A 94-year-old Nazi convicted of helping to send 170,000 concentration camp prisoners to their deaths gets five years which he apparently is likely destined not to serve.

A 94-year-old outstanding Canadian war hero being grinched by our bullying, ‘caring’ PM, who mercilessly refuses to blink and let this abused veteran get into a military hospital to spend his final days.

A 4-year-old who drowns in his grandparents’ swimming pool.

Another young boy eaten by an alligator in a Florida amusement park.

A man bitten by a rabid bat in an open car on the road near Airdie.

On the highway, watching Mack trucks tailgate and bully other drivers at speeds of 110-120 kms.

Yesterday in Edmo, watching a guy in a car deliberately tailgate a student driver for several blocks, then pass with ease when his sadistic pleasure wore off.

On Katzville roads, noting easily over 50% of drivers texting or talking on cellphones despite the distracted driving bylaw.

No, one does not have to go far to see how many nutcases are out there or how dangerous our brave new world is out there on a routine basis. A lot of what passes for daily strange reality far exceeds fictional reading. In a sense one does not need to read fiction if one is looking for strange subject matter. There is enough of it to go around all around us these daze.

Well, a good reason to stay focused on one’s own immediate health, significant others, family, and whatever bliss one choose to follow as far away as possible from the madding crowd.

Holidays and getaways are important refreshers because the larger world is, seemingly, getting crazier. It is important to treat oneself and those closest to one. Otherwise, what is the point of money, for instance?

If we choose common sense, sanity, decency, respectfulness, kindness, generosity, love, etc., all the more power to us. I’ve said all along in this blog that it is important not to be distracted by the limited, conventional choices of the hoi polloi, and to stay true to oneself amidst the numerous dumbing-down or crazy distractions.

I would still hold with that today, this morning. One certainly can’t expect the world to necessarily get saner, smarter, kinder, fairer, more just, safer, less unpredictable, and less absurd. Likewise, for people at large to become more courteous, respectful, and responsible.

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