The Stepans Verdict

The court is pussyfooting and refusing to call a spade a spade. Typical of courts these daze.
Child abuse: fact.
Totally controlling parent choices and will were very much at play throughout the child’s decline and death.
The father still refuses to admit error. He and his wife aren’t martyrs.
The child was abused, pure and simple. The child did not deserve to die and did not need to die.
Responsible and truly caring parents would have allowed common sense and proper medical attention to supercede their narrow preconceptions, prejudice, and agendas.
ps/The mother’s house arrest should have been longer.

Yet another reason for my call for parent licensing before birth. Too many crazies, ignorant people, power and control-abusers of helpless innocent children. If the NDP wants to do something for pre-schoolers, that would the most positive move they could make. Who, in their right mind, would have a problem with that education and prevention of harm to vulnerable minds? We have now reached the stage where such a social and political move is necessary.

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