So Tell Me All About It, RD


(A message to the young and starting-outs)

Well, it’s very ironic and ambiguous throughout and often absurd. You’ll find people often playing roles rather than being honest. You’ll find myriad control and agenda situations and people. On a bad day, there’ll be complete strangers trying to take you out or swindle you. On a good day, there’ll be much to smile and laugh about, including at yourself.

You’ll find there are numerous conflicts (often unexpected) all the way and that your life may get too materialistic and over-technologized unnecessarily. You’ll find too often that you¬†too easily¬†surrender your autonomy and freedom to others.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have a good family and upbringing and be mostly free without others telling you what to do, feel, and think. Maybe you’ll be lucky enough to be more connected with Nature than with people who could care less whether you live or die.
Other days will be overly-long and hard to get through. Often you’ll focus just on surviving or staying in control of your life.

There is much more to life than money, making money, materialism, nice houses, nice cars every year–all the material ‘stuff’.

If you’re lucky, you’ll have common sense, good working values, stay focused, and be a decent, responsible person.

If you’re lucky, you’ll get more than enough play, pleasure, and your just deserts.

If you are lucky, you’ll find love or someone who lasts. Change, communication breakdown, betrayal, lack of trust, unreconcilable differences, and agendas are the great obstacles and setbacks in personal relationships.

If you’re lucky you’ll keep your Inner Child and soul intact into your adult years, and enjoy Nature in its many positive, beautiful, and educational manifestations.
And lastly, it’s always important what’s important and purposeful, and how to spend one’s truly limited time here positively and productively exploring one’s own and the many possibilities, to gain inner satisfaction and fulfillment as well as potential, relative happiness.

Above all, life is possibilities and about possibilities. Less is more, finally. Enjoy and appreciate as much as possible. Did I mention the role of luck? Oh, and keep your sense of humor…as long as you can.

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