Root of Most Corruption, Evil, and Violence


The hard-working 7-11 family-man-immigrant clerk who got taken out this past year by a robber. He was working the late shift for money. The robber wanted quick, ‘easy’ money. The store’s management didn’t have an extra employee because it “couldn’t afford it”. Money again.

Think of all the spouses and elderly parents ‘taken out’ because of spousal and adult children’s greed. Money.

Almost all the non-charitable agendas via solicitations involve money, i.e., extracting it from you, the unsuspecting phone- and door-answerers. Often threats are made of the bogus variety as in the CRA scams which governments have completely turned a blind eye to. (Give us your money now.)¬†“A warrant has been issued for your arrest.” Even utility companies issue threatening notices days after an overdue bill.

Yup. all of us are living in a Great Age of Fear and Intimidation. We’ve got some money and property, and some evil¬†scum are trying non-stop to extract it from us and they will say and do anything.

This line of attack has a long history through insurance deaths and agendas behind personal relationships. Like who can you trust anymore, eh?


So later this morning I got my monthly Visa bill to find $1100 in bogus charges on one day from Michigan! Fortunately, there was no problem with the fraud help folks and the charges were not billed to me. My old card is now deceased and I have a new one coming.

Read your bills out there, people! These crooks are getting sneakier and are counting on you being careless, uninterested, and paying your bills without looking.

Anyway, this episode yet again proves the relevance and truth of this entry’s topic. It’s constant war on everyone everywhere you are. And it’s all about the money and sticking you with whatever bill!

pps/ BTW the fraudsters had a wicked sense of humor. One of their charges was to Richard’s Take Out! Well, they sure did take out some dough “on me”.

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