Day in the Life


12 noon, sitting at table on the south edge of the voted #1 patio for lunch in Canada–The Macdonald Hotel, sun blazing down, blue skies, sipping a Stella on tap, looking out at the flowers and the top river valley view in town, waiting for my co-author-friend to arrive, contemplating the Summerberry salad with chicken breast on the menu. The $25  paid for a parking spot for 3 leisurely hrs. right in front of the hotel.

We have worked long and hard in our lives to get where we are. So many people would never do something like this so pointedly and without the least concern for the bottom-line. How many times do we all live? It’s just that simple, straightforward, and clear every day with these sublime periodic pleasures like today’s. Money is mainly good for what it can buy in the way of chosen pleasure, not stuck, unused, miserly away under a Scrooge mattress.

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