Google headline today: Penny Oleksiak goes from anonymous to marketing dream.

The media is blinded by money as revealed in its obsessions with how much movies made at the weekend box office, with the salaries of professional athletes, and with the money side of anything. Money is all that matters. And our society is that money-obsessed, as I learned yet again in a trip to River Cree as I walked through the casino, afterward coming home to the usual pitches by strangers for money in my phone messages. (The 100 million lotto this weekend will also be on most minds of Canadians I expect.)

When the Prince’s baby was born, same story. How much was she worth? Penny certainly deserves whatever opportunities she gets after her impressive medal run, but already the remarkableness of her accomplishments are being tarnished by money obsession. How much are you worth? How can you make more money? These are, continuously,┬áthe questions that drive our majorly distracted, bombarded society today.

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