Why I Don’t Go to the Fringe Anymore, Etc.

Same old.  Here’s some titles of popular shows this summer:

Donating Sperm to My Sister’s Wife

6 Quick Dick Tricks

God Is a Scottish Drag Queen IV

Things Are a Cock


The “F” Words

The Lion, the Bitch, and the Wardrobe

Red Wine, French Toast and the Best Sex You’ve Ever Had

Jon Bennett: Pretending Things Are a Cock

Porn and Pinochet

The Dirty Talk

How Does That Make You Feel? Tales of Sex, Life & Lies.


Doh. Is there a lowest common denominator pattern here? Anyway, a supposedly edgy coarseness that has become a big bore and is to be found also at movie theatres, especially in PG movies. Sexual language, coarse language. A little toilet humor with your popcorn?

I was reading on the weekend of a mother who sent her 4-year-old to day camp where she was coloring in a room where one of the piped-in songs was about cunnilingus, something the girl found catchy and came home singing. The sexualization of preschoolers, a carryover from the young diva tv show days, is common and widespread. No wonder there’s so much child porn out there.

Kids today are growing up in a toxic, polluted language environment. I feel sorry for the kids who have lost what Blake called Innocence, and age-appropriate olde childhood experiences. Elsewhere on this blog, I have had the unmitigated gall to suggest mandatory parenting courses and licensing. Again, the reason is the same for today’s topic–I don’t like kids being turned over to the wolves to be used, abused, coarsened, and marketed to ad nauseam. No kid needs that.

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