I think I’d miss hearing more than seeing if I had a major handicap.

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(Imagine living without the sound of birds and Nature)

Especially after listening to yet another sublime concert by the Vienna Philharmonic. Ah, the language, power, and beauty of music! To say nothing of all the beauty of evocative spoken words and images. Imagine not being able to hear a Shakespeare play or a great poem by anyone else. The ear savours and quenches itself with preferred sound/s. Whether via the music of pure or natural┬ásound, music or words. For me, music has been long and deep throughout my history. I have listened to much and played much. I could not live without music. And hearing words–the eloquent, mellifluous tones of great lines, writing, poetry, and drama. Blind or deaf? Hearing matters muchly for me. The voices, tones, rhythms, melodies, and ultimately transcendence.

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