The complete abandonment of common sense

in our society today. The destruction of anything resembling authority, stability, and permanence. Reducing the external world to the world I want, which won’t upset me (trigger warnings), which conforms to whatever flag I wish to invent or wave. The drift and intent of a lot of this stuff is more about chaos and total distraction than with some kind of meaningful freedom and purpose with any common sense or utilitarianism at all.

And free speech is only reserved for anyone who is non-white and, non-Christian, or non-heterosexual male. In short, freedoms such as freedom of speech are the exclusive domain and privilege of anyone who doesn’t fit into these three categories. We are witnessing the effects and consequences of the wilful complete abandonment of order, authority, and common sense. Indeed, the focus and driving force is ‘Viva la difference’ regardless of numbers and practicality. People have confuted and distracted themselves out of anything that a significant majority anywhere can support or believe in. The crazies (Trump, Clinton) and the shallow selfie-coverboy facemen (Trudeau) have taken over the ‘shows’ on both sides of the border.

Much like theater which has been given completely over to ‘shows’, we lack the old classic theatre and serious plays (for thinking, rational, serious-minded people) today. Theatre and life today are totally about frivolity and the latest agenda-ed whim of whatever small numbers of intolerant reverse-discriminators. These rare perilous times, indeed, and tough for any of the older principled types out there trying to fight for a modicum of common sense, fairness, and true equality. In a subversive cultural sleight-of-hand aided by technology and media, they have become ‘The Enemy’ of the burgeoning mobs, not the nutcases.

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