A Snob’s Reaction to the Dylan Nobel Prize News

Margaret Atwood: [In reaction to Dylan’s win] “for what.” That is a(nother) truly jealous response if ever I heard one. She was ticked off last year that Alice Munro won and not herself. ( Al Purdy wrote a poem about her being the centre of the universe and I think he had it right.) Again, she’s ticked because she figures she’s a better poet than Dylan and is pissed at the committee for picking him over her. A sore loser. She’s snobby and ignorant also because she is unable to admit and recognize Dylan’s great catalogue of lyrics as poetry, which it is. The Nobel committee should be commended for not being snobby and seeing great language expression as great language expression regardless of genre. It is Atwood who’s the narrow-minded snob. How many quotable lines has she written in her poetry and novels?

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