Fact: Selling Canadian Kids Downstream, Part 429:

Making marijuana available in colorful junk food-looking form. The greed of the market and the selfishness and carelessness of user-parents should lead to a lot of kids’ hospital trips and, eventually, deaths. In the old Goofy cartoon, he said “Gotta have a smoke, smoke, smoke.” Now it’ll be “Gotta have a toke, toke, toke” irrespective of the dangers to kids.

And if a kid has toking parents, uh, what will they grow up to emulate in adult life? Doh. Mr. Sunny Ways was so determined to bring in what his father wanted to decades ago. Purely a selfish agenda. He doesn’t care about the young and vulnerable of Canada’s population or their families. Fact.

And if Dad or Mom do drugs, a lot of kids will go one better, shades of the harder stuff. I will blame and hold responsible Mr. Sunny Ways for the forthcoming drug epidemic.

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