Last of Truly Funny Canadian Stand-up Comedians Passes

001 (81)002 (33)

(signed 2002 autobiography)

003 (22)

(hilarious 1996 CBC VHS)

Obit Dave Broadfoot, 90.
Dave was thoroughly, charmingly witty and always had great imaginative jokes and perspicacious one-liners. His career started in the ’40s and included stints with the Air Farce on radio and tv. He even appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. I remember finally going to see him here in Edmo at the Jube when he had the audience in stitches; everyone left royally entertained and amused. I think he was on a par with Peter Ustinov and other greats doing stand-up. BTW/ he was very good with risque jokes without using four-letter-words or sexual language; never coarse or offensive and always clever with his imaginative puns. Some of his best work can be found and will be remembered in the two works above.

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