After yesterday’s World Series high, America will reap what’s long been sown next week

via long-time, long-running political corruption, non-stop greed, outrageous elitist power-hunger, and the mindless worship of celebrities and wealth. The show–damnit–must go on until the country is totally divided, torn apart, deconstructed, and utterly gutted.

The last voice speaking from the ashes will be heard on a tv talk show saying “Pick me, love me. I am the Greatest.” And so it is that the media will inherit what’s left in the rubble for whatever remaining angst, blaming, abuse, and shaming. The country will be reduced to an endless sour-grapes 24/7 television broadcast. It will never recover, becoming the laughing-stock of the world–a travesty of its former greatness and American Dream promise.

A perfect script for an Oliver Stone movie, eh?

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