Today everything has become politicized.

Trudeau who is finally doing something positive for the economy, okaying two pipelines to help create jobs and put food on the table for families, finds himself being called a traitor by eco-green radicals and natives. There will be protests and police and RCMP will have to maintain law and order when this construction begins.  Eco-thugs, vandals, and criminals will become martyrs and ‘heroes’. Agenda vs. agenda = political conflict and unnecessary violence. Politicizing = chaos, lawlessness, and crazies running amok

“Nothing is what is not.” “Fair is foul and foul is fair”–Macbeth.

On another, more simpler level, a cop saves a cat in distress from its meth-owner. The boyfriend comes home and complains the cat’s gone, the one he and the meth owner were prepared to let the cat die. Voila, another political conflict with the cop being reprimanded for saving the life of a defenceless, dying animal. Cat owners rightly side with the cop, not the dopes who were allowing the cat to die.

Again politicization on a simple, common-sense case. The owners should be glad the cop saved the cat and had started to nurse it back to health. No perspective. No real responsibility. Only selfishness and stupidity. And voila politics and politicization again.

Absurd and all-too-common these daze. No common sense, Only agendas, complaining, and blaming. Mass stupidity and ignorance is the order of the day.
Animals and children continue to die right and left because every situation is  being prioritized.

You’re doomed regardless of what you do today. Not the first or last time individuals have been and will continue to be pilloried for doing the right thing and helping others. People’s inhumanity to other people and animals makes countless millions mourn.

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