Over a long period of time,

there is quite a bit of information that arises, things one learns about others in terms of process, for example. Over time, one changes anyway through changing situations, contexts, health, relationships, etc. Such that people one was once close to are often permanently ‘gone’ from one’s life. Whatever was once special becomes memory, if even that. I think it’s interesting, too, that over time, one gains perspective and looks back, accepting often the many changes and departures from one’s life. It is only rarely usually that one reaches back in time to contact with someone from ten, thirty, fifty years ago in one’s life. But it does happen.

I can remember, after having my first book published in 1980, going back to give copies to my grade 6 and 12 teachers. Even a few years back, I went to my old elementary school’s 100th anniversary, making the effort to contact the first female teacher (grade 5) that I liked and enjoyed. Unfortunately, we missed each other, but we did connect by e-mail and since then, remain e-mail contacts on a fairly regular basis and we will finally meet in person (if all goes well) in September 2017 back in Winnipeg. It is fantastic to be able to step through the mists of time, which I also did at my high school’s 50th anniversary and see and talk to people for once only, forty years after we had all been in the same building and same time together. Quite unique.

Over time, I have contacted (at least once) anyone I ever wanted to see or chat with again. Always this has proved to be fun, interesting, and connective. There are many people who talk about doing this sort of thing, but who never do. Hence, the regrets and sense of missed opportunities. I have never had that experience; I have always acted on my will or desire to reconnect through the mists of time and each time I am glad I persevered or took the risk.

Christmas season, however, does make it easier and possible to see one’s closest friends, which I am doing this week. People I enjoy, people who have been long-standing friends; good and nice people, ‘fans’ and supporters. For me, it is a well-deserved break and a chance to (re-)connect with people who mean something to me beyond family. A time to count blessings and feel the spirits raised and connected. Today is lunch with Jerry at the Confederation lounge of the Macdonald Hotel, with my bright literature/arts friend and co-author of my last educational projects. It will be an intelligent, nuanced conversation on the state of the world, education, hockey, and Life. Not a trace of frivolousness or distraction. No masking, no games, no ego, no power, no control. Just two good friends sharing and enjoying one another.

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