Our Post-Truth age aside,

it is important that you retain your own common sense and powers of crap-detecting to maintain an accurate focus on Truth objectively and physical/tangible living/lived Reality. With the awesome webwork of lies provided by politicians, government, agenda-groups, media, and advertising, you’re better off trusting empirical evidence and the rightness of your own hunches and intuition to guide you through this absurd, hypocritical, dishonest, untrustworthy era of post-truths.

More than ever, your words and language will reveal to others if you are just a conforming, mindless follower of the artificial, fake, online, political, or media worlds. More and more, you will be judged mainly by your words and their content–how deep, truthful, and realistically relevant they really are. It is the fakes, liars, and phonies who garner adulation and followers these daze. *More than ever, it is important to remain an individual and to represent yourself as such through words, diction, and language use.

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