3 Meals a Day

No matter how you cut it in Western society.
Breakfast or being starved and non-functional for the first half of the day. Why skip breakfast?
Lunch in order to address the growlies that emerge 4-6 hrs. predictably after breakfast.
Supper to address the late aft growlies.
How does one get away from having 3 meals a day 365 days a year?

The bane of all mothers–preparing 3 meals a day for family and self.
“And there’s Mrs. Gibbs and Mrs. Webb come down to make breakfast, just as though it were an ordinary day. I don’t have to point out to the women in my audience that those ladies they see before them, both of those ladies cooked three meals a day–one of ’em for twenty years, the other for forty…”–Thornton Wilder, Our Town

For anyone, everyone, any gender–the annoyance of having 3 meals to prepare for, often late, and often for others.
Being a slave to the stomach and the basic urge of hunger.
All one’s life. The main pattern beyond sleeping and waking.

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