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The end of civility, civil discourse, politeness, good manners, decency, tolerance, temperance, forbearance, respect, balance, graciousness, tact, diplomacy, good taste, gentility, sensitivity, delicateness, refinement, modesty, humbleness, humility, reserve, constraint, patience, self-control, self-discipline, composure, restraint, poise, dignity, reasonableness, pity, compassion, mercy, and “the milk of human kindness”.

‘Tis The Age of the Trolls, folks. The Age of Unmitigated, Ubiquitous Nastiness, The Age of Blunt, Blind Arrogance, The Age of Shameless Bare-faced Corruption, The Age of the Self-Righteous Whammy, The Age of The Ugliest American+++. ‘Tis┬áthe Age of Trump.

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