Another Splendid Hitchcock Adaptation

001 (82)

is Frenzy with Anthony Schaffer. Spoiler alert: It exceeds its source material, by providing a more appropriate resolved ending in which the ‘born loser’ finally wins and is vindicated of suspicion in the necktie murders, the added, hilarious inspector-wife gourmet dinner subplot, and additional Hitchcock touches such as close-ups and other camera shots. This was an incredibly well-acted, well-cast movie; everyone looks and acts right in their roles. However, the original novel is worth a look for its trial scenes (considerably shortened by Hitchcock) and the less satisfying ending. But above all, what is memorable about the read is how much Hitchcock reproduced the best of the book and actually enhanced it, and created a powerful classic movie about a sexual psychopath in the process, easily one of his best.

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